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Slavery is Making the News!

In the last year or so I’ve become more aware of a major issue in our world…Slavery!  Slavery still exists today. Whether it is called human trafficking, bonded labor, forced labor, or sex trafficking, it is present worldwide, including right here in the USA.  There are an estimated 27 millions people enslaved today!  Last winter I learned about a cool organization called Slavery Foot Print  they have a little online survey you can take and learn how many slaves work for you, and then learn ways that you can do something about the issue!  I recently received this email from the organization:

“First, we heard you. Then, businesses started to pay attention. And now, even the President wants to join the fight.In a historic 23-minute address, President Obama highlighted this administration’s commitment to ending modern-day slavery. Using Clinton Global Initiative as his platform, he echoed the sentiment of the public and issued an Executive Order addressing slavery within government supply chains. He encouraged consumers to understand the realities of forced labor by visiting and endorsed Made In A Free World as a way to help businesses to identify and address slave labor within their supply chains.  Be proud; this is all because of you.In Solidarity, The Slavery Foot Print Team”

I was excited last week to see this horrific issue come to light in such a big way!  The President is talking about it and there was a cover page article in USA Today about Sex Trafficking.  But, knowing about it isn’t enough…we need to advocate for the men, women and children that are being enslaved!  And we need to examine our own lifestyles and make some changes.
One way to start is by taking this online survey!
I’d love to hear about things you are doing to advocate and make a difference for the people around the world that are being exploited…leave a comment!



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