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American Dream?

I had a moment this morning of comparing my life to the Joneses…wishing I had a house like theirs and a car that didn’t need CPR every other week…then as I was driving my mind just kept going until I heard a song on the radio that caused me to stop complaining and comparing and start worshiping.  In that time of worship I was reminded that I didn’t want the American Dream I want God’s Kingdom to come His will to be done!  I was reminded that most families around the world live in spaces smaller than my family does and that many of them have less complaining and more joy in their lives!

Awhile back I came across this video and today I was reminded of it.  The American Dream has been hijacked and i don’t want to chase after it!  Do you?

The Right Now Video  (This website has the video in the middle of it’s page)

Do you pursue the me me me mindset?

Do you Hate Injustice?

Do you find ways to bring Hope to Desperate situations?

Do you see your work as Worship?

Do you have a Kingdom focus?


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