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Community Development Making A Real Difference!

In the last year I’ve been challenged in my way of thinking about community development.  How do you change a whole community?  One of the best examples I’ve ever seen is in Uganda.  I’ve been blessed to visit Musana Community Development Organization two times now.  I’m in awe of how God is using the staff there (mostly locals) to impact the whole community not just the kids they have taken into their children’s home.  Here’s a little glimps into how the whole city is starting to embrace them and be transformed.

“The day was finally here! It was our day to shine and show the community what Musana is all about… the hardest part as always would be to get people to show up. At 8 am, nervous but excited, all the kids and all the staff waited for the beat of the drums to start the parade around town behind Iganga’s one and only marching band. When we were finally on our way, the neighborhood and town seemed to light up with life as we interrupted everyone’s Friday morning routine with trumpets, tubas, and earth shaking drums. As we passed, people and children of all ages excitedly joined us, helping to announce our 4th anniversary celebration that would take place a few hours later.”

“…A surprise appearance from Iganga’s LC 5 (one of the district’s top government officials) whose first words were, “I am only staying for five minutes,”…An hour later, the LC 5 (way past his five minute mark) stood up and admitted he was thoroughly impressed by what he saw at Musana. He even flooded our craft table and bought many Musana trinkets, before genuinely thanking Musana for all the hard work and moving on to his next event”.  -Leah (Musana Newsletter)

If you are looking for an opportunity to learn more about community development Musana is accepting applications now for summer 2013 internships.

Learn more and Apply Here

Applications are Due by November 30th so act fast!



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